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BREAKDOWN OF PARTSironworker-consumables

Ironworker Consumables include:

  • Punch and Die, various sizes and shapes.
  • Punch attachments in optional sizes to expand punching capacity, available with or without urethane stripper.
  • Channel die block to work in place of standard die block, yielding 50-ton punching capacity for all models.
  • Urethane strippers that keep material flat, and a shorter stroke, so no need for constant  adjustment.
  • Urethane hold-downs for shearing that quickly and accurately clamp and unclamp automatically, for greater accuracy and longer blade life.
  • Angle shear or floating upper blade that goes to center of angle and eliminates distortion.
  • Coper notcher with low rake angle blade to keep part under better control.
  • Shear blade with low rake angle produces flatter parts. The four shear edges on each blade lead to longer life and less expense.

P50 PiranhaTM Ironworkers Repair & Replacement Parts form an essential part of a complete assembly rebuild. Each of these components must stand up to heavy use and repeated motion at high volumes of work. Ensure prolonged life for the equipment and safe, accurate functioning with proper maintenance and timely lubrication.

  • Rear hinge pin – Comes in different solutions for varied applications within the Ironworker station. 
  • Rear hinge pin bushing.
  • Crank/pull arm bushing.
  • Clevis pin bushing – The most reliable way to attach a structure to the rod and cap ends of a hydraulic cylinder.
  • Crank/pull arm hinge pin.
  • Urethane spacer – Urethane has the advantage of greater load-bearing capacity and compression set, as well as tolerance of greases and oils, than rubber.5
  • Taper pin (replace if damaged in removal).
  • Hex nut, 1″ 14 nf nd, gr8 (replace if damaged in removal).
  • Flat head socket cap screw 3/8 x 3/4″.
  • Bandsaw and coldsaw blades – For horizontal bandsaws and coldsaws that hold the workpiece stationary.
  • Annular cutters by Hougen, Jancey Slugger, and other brand names – For fast, easy, accurate hole core drilling.
  • Grinder belts and discs – In varied radii to suit different parts.
  • Lubricants and cutting oils – Vital in maintaining the work piece at a stable temperature, as well as preventing rust, and ensuring safety for operators.
  • Press brake tooling
  • Shear tooling

Repair & Replacement Parts keep metal fabrication equipment in top operating condition.  Parts available for the following types of machines:

  • Variable speed bandsaws and coldsaws
  • Grinders
  • Drill presses
  • Mills
  • Shears
  • PiranhaTM press brakes
  • Plate and Slip Rolls
  • Notchers
  • Lathes



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